We are not your average cattle farm – our cattle are raised to have permanent homes, where they will be loved and nurtured, enjoying life into their teens. Although they can live in most states, our miniature highlands are at home in our alpine area of the Australian Capital Territory, and happily spend their days roaming around acres of pasture, snow gums and mountain ash.

Our cattle like to be involved with everything that is happening on the farm, and are quite partial to special treats, like lucerne hay and the odd bread roll. We love their personalities and gentle natures, and being small – they are easier on the land and infrastructure. And did we mention they are CUTE! We run a regenerative, organic agricultural enterprise, and our cow herd is part of that process – so not only are they adorable, they are also working to improve our soil and pasture.

When you purchase a calf from us, they will have grown up in a relaxed, low stress environment and they will be vaccinated and drenched to keep them healthy. In addition they will have had some training with the halter and an introduction to being groomed; all ready for their new homes. We are committed to assisting new owners care for their calves, so we can ensure the cattle fit in perfectly to their “forever homes”.

Interested in one of Miniature Highland Cows?

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