How much land do you need for a miniature calf?

We often get asked how much land is required for miniature cattle, or even just for one small calf? There are several things to take into consideration – first and foremost is the calf’s wellbeing.
He will be only happy if he can hang out and make friends with other cattle, and to prevent bullying (which happens in the natural hierarchy of all herd animals), his friends should be of a similar size. If you can’t afford two mini highlands, then a dexter or lowline friend is also very appropriate company.
So you are really looking at sufficient land for 2 grazing animals, and although they start off tiny, they will grow to approximately 300kg. That is a lot of grazing! Also, we advise rotating them through sections of your paddock at a time- to keep the pastures fresh and also limit the amount of manure (and therefore intestinal worms).
If you live in parts of Victoria, you will need less land to keep your little calf happy, compared to drier states eg ACT. SO a minimum of 7-10 acres in Victoria for 2 calves, which may equate to 10+ acres in NSW. Pasture is always less available in the middle of summer and winter, again depending on your location, so it may be necessary to provide added hay. We recommend quality oaten bales, and some smaller fresh lucerne bales too.
We have had 2 sets of calves moved from their initial homes, and both were calves we had sold to farmers living on 5 acre lots. The owners found that the cost of feed became prohibitive, especially during the drought. We prefer finding lifelong homes for our cattle, so we would be reluctant to sell to land sized less than 7 acres.

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