Our Cattle

Our cattle have gentle dispositions and distinct personalities. Being small they have less impact on the land, eating less than their full size cousins, weighing less, and are easier to handle (it is not unusual for them to love being groomed), plus their sweet natures enable them to be easily halter trained. They come in a variety of colours – ranging in a variety from red, yellow, white, black, silver and dun.

While our emphasis at Sentinel Park is on raising quality, calm miniature highlands, we also breed miniature highparks, miniature herefords and white miniature breeds.

Calves for sale

Currently, our 2022 calves are in training, getting ready for their new homes! They have been introduced to the halter, brush and cuddles. Our calves are raised with their mothers, they enjoy wandering around the farm, exploring and playing with other calves; generally learning to be a well adjusted calf. They are usually ready for their new homes around Easter.
We have several mid sized miniature and full miniature steers available NOW.

For next season, calf selection is on a “first in, first serve” option, so we recommend placing a deposit and completing a calf contract to reserve your choice of calf. Make an Enquiry here.

Interested in one of Miniature Highland Cows?

We are here to help! Given our remote location it is best to use our enquiry form. Once filled out, we will be in touch asap.