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Miniature cattle, particularly miniature highland cattle are in high demand. It takes years of breeding to carefully reduce size whilst keeping good conformation. We carefully select for temperament and take time to train the calves. This effort and commitment is reflected in the sale price.

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  • • Miniature Highland Heifer
  • • Mid Sized Miniature Highland Heifer
TBAPer Bull
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our most frequently asked questions about miniature cattle. If you cannot find what you’re after, feel free to contact us via the form on this page or make a formal enquiry HERE. We are here to help!

We have a range of calves available starting from $3500 + GST. Generally, polled cattle are more expensive than horned, and cost will also vary with colour, size, gender, depth of coat etc. You can expect to pay $5500 + GST for a full (small miniature to micro mini), purebred miniature highland steer

Yes! Our calves are generally trained before we allow them to leave for their new homes. We also conduct 4 weeks of socialisation for each calf, making them ready for their new homes. We teach them to trust people, be handled, and groomed. Our goal is to make them easy to love once they arrive at your place. However, like horses, they are also large, robust farm animals and must be handled appropriately and with caution.

Miniature highlands come in 3 sizes (measured at the hip at 3 yro):

1- Mid size miniatures (42-48 inches) 106.7- 122cm
2- Miniatures (36-42 inches) 91.4-106.7cm
3- Microminiatures (very rare) less than (36 inches) or 91.4cm

Most of our cattle are miniature to mid sized miniatures.
Miniature galloways must be less than 125cm.

Calves are weaned gently over a 4 week process, and are ready to be collected by 6 months of age. We can provide agistment for them after this period until collection (rates on application).Occasionally we have older heifers or cows available.

We rarely have bottle babies. Highland cows are amazing, dependable mothers and we don’t separate them unless there is a medical/exceptional reason.

If you are looking for paddock pets, then we recommended purchasing steers (desexed bulls), they are less likely to roam and are more settled.

As cattle are herd animals, they must have other cattle for company when going to their new home. Many of our new owners buy two for this reason! Sheep, donkeys and horses: well, they just don’t cut it in the eyes of our miniature cattle – they definitely need a cow friend!

That all depends on the quality of your land – probably a minimum of 5 acres (knowing you may have to supplement feed (quality lucerne/oaten hay) in summer or dry periods.

You do need appropriate facilities for loading, veterinary visits etc – good fencing, yards and a crush are essential. Shelter from rain and sunshine is also recommended, or a good bank of trees. Access to fresh water/dam is also required.

You can register your interest on our online form, or if you are interested in a particular calf then send an email, including some information about where he/she will live (location, acreage etc), experience, facilities and other animals that will be present.Calf sales are concluded with a contract and deposit. We will then secure your calf, and hold for you until they have been weaned and trained.

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