So How Big is a Miniature Cow?


This is a great question and opens discussion about what is a miniature, how do you recognise a calf that will be a miniature size etc.

This blog will look at the sizes of miniature cattle. Most people who have been looking for miniature cattle, are usually familiar with the following diagram:

As you can see standard highlands are greater than 48 inches (122 cm), whilst miniature highlands come in 3 sizes (measured at the hip at 3 yro):

  1. Mid size miniatures (42-48 inches) 106.7- 122cm
  2. Miniatures (36-42 inches) 91.4-106.7cm
  3. Microminiatures (very rare) less than (36 inches) or 91.4cm

Most of our cattle are miniature to mid sized miniatures.
Just to confuse things, miniature galloways have a different height standard, and allow registered miniatures to be part of their society. Their cattle must be less than 125cm tall at the hip.

There is a scale that measures calves under the age of 12 months and predicts what size they will grow to. However it is not an exact science, you must understand the breeding of both the dam and the sire, to know what they may throw. Even then, anomalies will happen. We try to predict as accurately as we can when selling our cattle to prospective buyers.

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