What miniature cattle breeds are available in Australia?

Quest – our dun pointed miniature galloway

(Examples: miniature galloway, miniature highland, miniature hereford)

At Sentinel Park we aim to produce miniature highland cattle with great conformation and wonderful temperament. That doesn’t mean we don’t also love other breeds of small cattle. So what are some of our favourite miniature breeds available in Australia?

We are also very fond of our miniature galloways and miniature herefords, and their hairy offspring when we breed them to our miniature highland bulls – all the great colours, plus no horns and they still have that fantastic hairy coat of the highlands. What’s not to love!!

Miniature Galloways

Due to breed standards, miniature galloways are slightly bigger than their miniature highland cousins. They come in similar colours to the highland cattle – black, dun, red and of course the beautiful white (with coloured points). Coming from the Scotland, they also are great foragers and can do well on marginal land, have a reputation for being calm natured and are naturally polled.

Miniature Herefords

We love the deep red and white coat of the hereford, and love their small size and curiosity. As children we both remember seeing the countryside filled with herefords, now largely replaced by Angus. I think they are beautiful cattle and we are so pleased to have some in our herd.There is a miniature hereford association in Australia. We love the tiny highland/hereford crosses – just a cute, extra fluffy hereford really!

Miniature Highland

We couldn’t go past putting our very favourite breed of course! 90% of our breeding is aimed around these beautiful cattle. We have all colours on our farm – black, red, yellow, white, dun and silver dun. Whilst we love the variety of colours, our aim really is for great conformation, size and length of coat. Having a variety of colours on the farm makes it easier to know what particular cow or calf you are watching, and who their friends are, how they spend their day etc – makes for easy cattle viewing. Well now you know how I spend my free time!

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